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05 Jul Medical Marijuana Changed 6-year-old Daughter’s Life, says Grand Blanc Mom

By Jiquanda Johnson, MLive on


Bella Chinonis can’t talk. She can’t walk, chew or play like most children her age. The 6-year-old Grand Blanc girl couldn’t even stand until a few months ago.


Her days have consisted of seizures lasting anywhere from 2 to 27 minutes and taking multiple prescription medications for problems she’s been dealing with since she was born.


Her mother, Ida Chinonis, says it wasn’t until Bella was introduced to cannabis oil that things started turning around for her little girl.


“She can stand now. She responds to voices and she loves the movie ‘Frozen.’ She didn’t do that before and the only thing different we are doing is giving her medical marijuana.”


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25 Jun One family’s medical-marijuana story

Posted: June 25, 2015



Erika and Michael Zorn pause on a walk in their Bucks County neighborhood June 4, 2015 with children, Lily (right), 2-1/2 and Emma (left), 6-1/2. Erika has struggled with severe Lupus and found relief for her debilitating symptoms: She smokes pot, which they illegally grew in their basement for years until cops were alerted and arrested them on drug charges. ( TOM GRALISH / Staff Photographer )

WHEN Erika Zorn was regularly using the marijuana that she and her husband, Michael, secretly grew in the basement of their Bucks County townhouse, she had a beautiful life.


She worked crazy hours as a manager at LensCrafters, a job she loved, and still had energy to lavish on the couple’s adorable little girls – Emma, 6, and Lily, 2. And she capably managed the household by herself – the school and day-care drop-off and pickup, the grocery shopping and meal-fixing – when Michael was out of town for work (he’s a photojournalist who specializes in rock ‘n’ roll).


“I was functioning,” says Erika, 33. “Life was really good.”

“She was doing great,” says Michael, 36.


The bliss ended March 19, when the couple were charged with possessing and manufacturing marijuana. Erika has not used marijuana since then, and her life – and the lives of Michael and the girls – is drastically different.


That’s because Erika has a severe form of lupus, an autoimmune disorder that creates antibodies that attack and destroy healthy body tissue.


She also has advanced fibromyalgia, a miserable nervous-system syndrome that causes unbearable muscle pain and tenderness, fatigue and sleep problems.


Her medical use of the marijuana that she and Michael grew had so controlled the symptoms of her illnesses that she was hospitalized only four times in the prior year for pain management.



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15 Jun What the Supreme Court decision on marijuana means to a three-year-old Summerland girl

June 12, 2015



Kyla Williams, 3, was having hundreds of seizures a day before her parents tried cannabis oil. Image Credit: Contributed

KELOWNA – Kyla Williams’ family is breathing a sigh of relief this week — they are no longer committing a crime just by giving the three-year-old Summerland girl the medicine she needs.


And the Supreme Court of Canada decision that struck down federal government restrictions on how medical marijuana can be administered may also give researchers the green light to study why it works.


Kyla’s case is well known by now. She has a rare form of epilepsy that resulted in hundreds of seizures every day and no other medications worked until her her caregivers tried cannabis oil a year ago.


While the courts have long said marijuana should be made accessible and legal for medicinal purposes, the federal government held its ground that medicinal marijuana is only available in dried form. Smoking marijuana is legal; Kyla’s oil—free of THC, the psychoactive ingredient sought by recreational users—was illegal. That changed Thursday, June 11 when the Supreme Court struck down that narrow interpretation, and that means Elaine Nuessler no longer has to fear authorities stopping the treatments.



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28 Jul Mother Gives 2 Year Old Daughter Cannabis Everyday To Help Control Up To 60 Seizures A Day


article-2705627-1FF6D62400000578-209_634x479A severely ill little girl who suffers up to 60 seizures a day is given daily doses of cannabis by her parents, who claim the drug eases her condition. Two-year-old Larisa Rule suffered brain damage when she was born, leaving her partially blind and deaf, and with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. From just two days old she started having up to 60 uncontrollable seizures a day – some lasting more than an hour.


Doctors tried almost everything to stop the convulsions – which they warned would soon stop her brain from growing – and even considered brain surgery. But when nothing worked her parents Jaylene Siery and Peter Rule discovered that a daily dose of liquid cannabis had helped other children like Larisa. They found a man on the internet who grows the plant for the sole purpose of helping poorly people and within just a day of trying it Larisa was having just five seizures a day.


Miss Siery, 22, said: ‘People tell me I’m a terrible mother and they say things like “you wouldn’t give your daughter heroin”.