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Industrial Hemp plants provide nutritious seeds, omega-rich oils,
and a high supply of fibre through flour and protein powder and CBD & Medical Cannabis has proven to be a benifit to many medical conditions

Mariceuticals Inc

Proud corporate sponsor of: Cannabis for Sick Children Non-profit

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Canada’s Leader in Hemp/Canna Industry & Patient Services

Experience and Education are the key

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My Cannabis DNA Screening Kits

Mariceuticals Inc. is committed to the distribution of top quality hemp & cannabis based services & products with complete transparency and forthright service. Providing the simplest avenue for researching and attaining safe and tested products.

By working with the producers, laboratories, farmers, distributors and governments we set standards for safety, education, quality, packaging and access.

Providing a natural option, clinically-proven and, in our opinion, healthier than many contemporary foods & pharmaceuticals. We provide quality products and services in a safe, accountable and reliable manner.

We support Canadian hemp farmers & Canna producers to maintain a hands on approach.

J/W Mariceuticals supported products are supplied to grocery stores, health and nutrition shops , medical clubs and dispensaries across Canada & Australia


J/W Mariceuticals Inc. has been selected to be the Official Content Providers for Canada to assist in a TV Documentary featuring William Shatner

The Focus will be on the science of marijuana and will feature experts from across the globe

We will be taking applications from Hemp / Cannabis Industry leaders , scientists , and other great minds.

email for more info.

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My Cannabis DNA Screening Kits , Kniow benifits, interaction issues, allergies and scientific analsys of your DNA and Cannabis

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 Hemp Products are now available at Independent Grocery Store.

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1835 Gordon Dr, Kelowna, BC V1Y 2S3, Canada

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Through our Lifestyles Department, we source, attain and deliver the highest quality hemp-based food, clothing and construction materials. The industrial hemp plant provides nutritious seeds, Omega-rich oils, and a high supply of fiber through flour and protein powder.

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While hemp may be considered a ‘superfood’, we focus on its sustainability. Its low-pesticide needs, soil-replenishing growth, and adaptability to nearly any climate make it a cost-effective contribution to the environment.

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Industrial hemp is also used for making textiles and clothing, while the oil can be used to create plastics and lubricants. Homes are built with hempcrete, hemp-resin studs, and hemp-based boarding.

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With all these uses, we see hemp as a boon to our economy, environment and lifestyle. We have our team always working to provide access to what we feel is the best quality products available. Our online services provide to the door delivery utilizing PayPal to secure transactions and safeguard your personal information .

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Our goal is to give Canadian hemp industry the recognition and respect that has been forgotten through outdated prohibition laws and misconceptions. We post documents and study’s used in our research online at


Proudly 100% Canadian

All our products are 100% Canadian based and Canadian farmer sourced.  This allows us to ensure quality through each of our processes and delivering products with optimal health benefits to our customers.

JWMI supporting Canadian farmers & legal producers.

“Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?” – Henry Ford

For the people we stand united, together we have brought decades of prohibition to the door steps of Parliament. This is real change.



Marijuana Task Force Recommendations



Proposed Approch to Cannabis Regulation 2018

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