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Who Are We ?



The Mariceuticals Hemp & Cannabis Corporation



In 2014 3 local Okanagan business men . Brynn Jones, Jason Weber and Darrin Fiddler founded the company seeking a way to protect a strong cannabis culture and study cannabis as a medicine. Today we welcome great industry people such as Ian Burak as our CEO


It has been an amazing 5 years and we have learned so much. Today our company includes:
Mariceuticals Hemp & Cannabis Corp, Mariceuticals Holding Corp, & Delta-9 Gardening



We offer a full suite of services to assist “Legacy” enterprises or start up entrepreneurs with complete consultation and guidance from concept to final contract to sell their products to a legal distribution agency.



Our R&D Labs have patent pending formulations used by cannabis medicinal companies across Canada.


Our team has grown to include Cannabis Experts, Medical Cannabis Consultants, Lab Technicians, Commercial Real Estate Agents, Compliance Specialists, Firefighters, First Medical Responders, Industry Pioneers, Former Dispensary Owners and Dispensary Product Producers.



We are supported by 3rd party Lawyers, Doctors, Executives, Farmers, Growers, Equipment Specialists, Extrationists and the people of our community.



Our mission is to pave a path through a very confusing road to legal cannabis and medical cannabis, from the patient to have access and education to the companies that will supply them. We will be here to guide your way!


CEO & Chairman of the Board




Here is the post we made when we started !

Posted April 2014

J/W Mariceuticals Inc. , Okanagan Green Hemp Products , www.mariceuticals.ca , what does it all mean ?

Here is our story .

J/W Mariceuticals Inc. is the dream of 3 local Okanagan business men . Brynn Jones & Jason Weber who founded the company seeking a way to spread the beautiful life we have here and Darrin Fiddler our friend and Assistant Operations Manager . We are so lucky to be able to live in the great Okanagan Valley here in the interior of BC . We looked around at the people who choose to live here and why they love it .

Lifestyle ! The valley is unique in a very special way . the locals have access to trails , lakes , bike lanes , world class golf courses , wine tours , skiing , clean air , fresh food from orchards and farms.  Healthy lifestyle choices .

Another passion of the boys was in all natural hemp . Over the years cultivation of industrial hemp has grown in the Canadian prairies and BC , feeding farmers who had all but given up on the trade . Hemp was a lifeline to the small communities of farmers and everyone who relied on agricultural dollars .

As the Canadian hemp industry grew products from food , health , beauty and construction began to be provided by Canadian companies with the same goals . Green living through healthy life choices , from farm to table .

We searched all over Canada , seeking superior hemp based products to provide to the vast healthy lifestyle choices we see here everyday . To share the wealth of hemp and it’s benefits to the body , environment and economy .

We developed Okanagan Green Hemp Products to share the best of both worlds .

100% Canadian , 100% Pure , 100% Natural

We developed our brand with beautiful scenic Okanagan views and superior hemp products.

Foods , and health products that have no connection to big-pharma or corporate food giants , only Canadian Hemp Industry regulations that provide protection and consistency .

We have chosen to provide our services online via www.mariceuticals.ca , www.okanagangreenhemp.com & www.MyHealthyHemp.com so we may reach every home in Canada . Using Canada Post and PayPal to ensure security of personal information ,  your satisfaction and ensure low prices .

We hope that our products and the products of our partner suppliers will excite you as much as it does us . We believe in a daily hemp routine to provide great benefits .

Thank you so much for exploring these ideas with us .


B Jones

Mariceuticals Hemp & Cannabis Corporation

A message from our Founder/President, Brynn Jones:

From Nightmare to Dream

We grew up being told cannabis was a hard drug , akin to cocaine or heroin. We accepted the blind truth in order to protect our children, our society. It became acceptable to be shunned or punished by our elected governments. Anyone who stood up and spoke anything but the accepted truth was quickly discredited, the scientific data showing our mistakes was ignored. Our trust, our safety, our lives were given to global corporations who feed off profit.

Lies, profit, collusion and fear feed the companies treating our illnesses, but rarely curing them. Our healing centers now host medicine-resistant germs and bacteria.

For years those who truly believe in the healing qualities of both the mind and body were silenced, but providing assistance in more subtle ways. Compassion Clubs, Health Care Workers, Children of Sick and Dying Parents, even some governments and law organizations have all refused to enforce these laws.

We are now opening our eyes to a real and tangible option for treating our illnesses. Now scientists are testing it , doctors are prescribing it, and children are living seizure free lives. Cancer patents can eat and sleep, and with less pain-killer use, countless lives are saved.

I am proud to be a part of the solution, and I salute everyone helping a loved one or patient, and the doctors risking everything to do what they think is right, and to the hero’s being punished for “Crimes” that our grandchildren will never understand.

Remove the element of harm, regulate and tax it. Create a tax base to build schools and drug treatment centers to cure the addicted. Allow developing countries to create profit off of its legal trade.

What was once a nightmare is now a dream, smoking ships on the horizon of change.



B Jones

By Darrin LR Fiddler


I want Food Charlatansyou to be healthy. This seemingly simple topic is one of the most complex concepts that you face. You must go beyond counting calories, because much is hidden in the count. It goes beyond cutting salt, sugar and fat from your diet, as the source of these components determines many of the benefits and harms. It goes beyond balancing your body chemistry with pharmaceuticals when that industry is more focused on marketing a new illness than finding a needed cure. Most of the things that we purchase, from the grocery store shelves to the pharmacy counters, are bathed in political maneuvers that clear the way to our cupboards.


I have an activist streak. I’ve studied topics like politics, economics, history and narcotics because they all follow an intertwining path. My understanding has taken ten years to cover, and it’s still just the bare essentials. Our information-driven society delivers an infinite amount of data. It appears intricate and beyond anyone’s scope, and indeed it is. Yet there is a skeletal foundation on which it acts, and understanding this can put the concepts in their sensible place.


But why do I focus on health? It is the basis of life. It affects how my body functions, how I perceive the world, and how I react. When those get knocked out of balance, how much focus is on the remaining worldly problems? My body requires a firm foundation before I can focus on repairing the landscape. I need a health body and mind to build a healthy world, but knowing what’s truly healthy is no simple feat.


I grew up on the belief that everything sold to me was safe and somewhat healthy. I was following my parents’ guidance. I didn’t have a lot of junk food, and was fortunate enough to be raised on home cooked meals. Everything changed upon leaving the nest, where I turned to the simplest preparation as a guide to my health. Take out, delivery and microwaveable foods all saved the day. Fortunately, I have a very high metabolism, allowing such gluttony. I felt immune to the hazards I was exposed to through processed foods. Then I started to read.


Prevention provides your best medicine, and food is your most effective barrier from illness and disease. That barrier needs constant upkeep with the proper materials. We’ve been sold a load of materials that are incompatible, causing our systems to crash. Our diets have been the culprit in many of our immunity, neurological, and heart diseases, obesity, and a host of others. We have the ability to reduce the chance of illness, so what’s holding us back?


Behold, the Food Industry!


For a start, errors were made when food switched from being the enabler of a nation to a mere commodity. Its value changed, and squeezing money from a crop overrode the importance of its healthiness. The agriculture industry sidled up next to the chemical industry, and together they produced abundant crops that lacked adequate nutrition.


That same chemical industry then nudged its way in with the food processors, injecting molecular equivalents of those nutrients back in and calling the food ‘fortified’. Voila, we had vitamin-enriched food that could last much longer on the shelves. Louis Pasteur would have been proud, yet many costs were incurred.


Food AdditivesRandall Fitzgerald provided plenty of alarming insight in his book, The Hundred-Year Lie. My view of society’s diseases was altered. Food additives’ link with children’s behavioural problems had been known for years, but the gravity of the situation was never fully aired. Food affects our brains in ways that we have no control over. Our circuitry is being rewired. The issue goes far beyond the obesity concerns, though that remains a valid push for stronger scientific certainties about what we are ingesting.


The Revolving Door


I believed that either the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) ensured our foods’ safety. I discovered that there’s one word they place above ‘public health’ and it’s ‘cronyism.’ The FDA believes that the ex-food industry executives are the best choice to certify food as safe for public consumption. In return, the food industry always has a place for FDA executives once they step down. The ill effects of the approved food and drugs are not their chief concern. Profits are much more important.


Aspartame’s a good example. This chemical took sixteen years to be approved for public consumption, trying to overcome the brain tumors developing in the test rats[i]. That might have something to do with its three main components: methanol, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid. All are known to stimulate brain cells to death.


Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr., the commissioner of the FDA back in 1980, was responsible for certifying aspartame for food. He left that post in 1983 to work for G. D. Searle & Company, the ones owning aspartame’s patent. Interestingly, he now works for Monsanto.


The safety tests required for FDA certification are all performed by the food producers. The FDA doesn’t have the funds to test the thousands of products entering the market each year. They trust the food industry to provide unbiased test results, which studies show is not always the case. In effect, the public has become the guinea pig, with recalls as the control mechanism. Of course, recalls aren’t issued until a certain threshold of harm is proven. I feel much safer now, thanks for the service.


Inflating this black box of health safety is the FDA’s link to the pharmaceutical companies. Their products are vastly different from Spaghetti-Os, but the testing requirements remain the same. Dr. Marcia Angell illuminates how the industry uses its loopholes with her book, The Truth about the Drug Companies.


The impact goes beyond our health, echoing into our economy’s health spending and needs. The political pariah of the health care dilemma stays aloft with the hot air and large donations from Big Pharma and their lobbyists. Profits are the goal, so they must assure their stockholders that the government will have no say in how much they charge to keep us from Death’s door. In fact, the sicker we are, the better off it is for them. Our health, too, has become commoditized.


563169_548232011876249_991525950_nThe Proof is in the Pudding


The reverberations of these costs are felt in the treatment and needs of the mental health patients, the elderly, and the impoverished. Having less money to spend, their needs are shelved in place of serving the diseases of affluence. Go where the money flows, right? And it gushes. In 2002, the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 had a combined profit of $35.8 billion. The combined total of the remaining 490 companies was $33.7 billion[ii].


Adding a little more pain to the prick, there is no profit in our wellbeing. Any witness to infomercials can attest to the side effects of the new pharmaceutical wonders. In truth, they’re selling a new ‘sickness’ which they’ve just found the cure for. As an added bonus, if you get sick from taking them, they have the treatment. Miracle of miracles.


My trust of the medical profession has lost some of its backbone. They were the trusted source supporting the placement of these chemical concoctions onto our grocery lists and prescription pads. Frighteningly, much of their post-grad education comes from the mouths of drug reps. Where could I turn to when such a faithful anchor is let loose? I thought whole foods would be the simplest avenue. Wrong again.


I grew up understanding that the four basic food groups are meat, produce, grain and dairy. My research revealed that the food industry has already put their dirty hands on them. Our meat is raised on a life of cruelty and a diet of disease treatment. Our produce and grain are bastardized genetically modified organisms. And our dairy is contaminated with chemicals and antibiotics from the cow’s diet. Real food is hard to come by.


The most obvious answer came from the hippies and the Amish: local, whole produce and grass-fed meat. I found myself in a landscape reminiscent of life before to the Green Revolution. Imagine a diet without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. My studies on whole food proved Hippocrates words, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


536333_392295170803885_1918532809_nThere’s a Whole Lot More to Real Food


I found more than expected in Jo Robinson’s Eating on the Wild Side. She reported on the essential vitamins and minerals provided by our heritage produce. She also accounts for the loss of many fruit and vegetable breeds, pointing out the nutritional differences our food has lost. We are eating more whole foods, but global market demands expose us to the sweetest, though not necessarily the most nutritious, varieties.


A great companion book is Dr. Bharat B. Aggarwal’s Healing Spices. Our spice selection, storage, and preparation are all noted, but their powerful effects over illness and disease have only recently come to light.


After having had a peek at this tangled web, how are you to remain healthy? It’s not so much about being told what to eat or not. Once you understand the decisions that bring your food products from factory to fork, I hope you will be able to make healthier decisions. That first step is yours alone; I just want to provide a clearer path.


You can no longer afford to play Russian roulette with your health. Your body demands the proper energy at the right proportions, and our industrial diet has thrown that off. Your health reflects in each interaction with your environment; in what you eat and how you move, to how the land and soil are enhanced or destroyed. My inner activist can only make true change when everybody thinks clearly, and our diets are a huge barrier to that.


I want you to be healthy. It’s no straightforward path, and I can only show what I’ve discovered. Most weren’t obvious until I read it. Thankfully the Web is here to inform and pass this info along. This too, takes a measure of scepticism, so tread carefully and always follow up on the facts before spreading them. I’ve touched lightly on many topics here, and hope that you’ll follow along as I provide more in-depth analysis on the issues. I have a lot left to say.


[i] Fitzgerald, Randall, The Hundred-Year Lie (New York, Dutton, 2006)107

[ii] Angell, Marcia, M. D., The Truth About the Drug Companies: How they deceive us and what to do about it (New York, Random House, 2005) 11

May 7 2016

Today we celebrate 3 years of J/W Mariceuticals
Thank you to everyone and every company that has made all this possible

Brynn , Jason and Darrin have forged a path in unknown waters and have shown unwavering dedication to providing healthy alternatives for health and nutrition

Here’s to another 3 years


March 13 2016

Proud to announce Hemp Spa has released a line of bath and beauty products based on Okanagan Green Organic Hemp Seed Oil



March 12 2016

Proud to announce Hemp Living is now proudly carrying products distributed by J/W Mariceuticals


March 6 2016

Meeting with Hempe.ca , a great online source for hemp products and distribution

Hopefully you will see Okanagan Green Hemp Products on the website




March 3 2016

Women Grow Kootenay Chapter Cranbrook Hemp Expo sponsored by Okanagan Green Hemp Products

This event was a great networking opportunity , we met with Hemp Farmer Dave Grenier


Feb 26 2016

Teleconference with Owen Smith today 10 am.

Owen won a major court ruling allowing mmj users to make extracts and other options aside from smoking their medicine.


Feb 21 2016

We welcome Sun Valley Extracts to the team !!!





Feb 18 2016

Now a distributor of Phant Extracts

Do you own a dispensary ?




Feb 15 2016

Okanagan Green Hemp Products now  available in grocery stores https://lnkd.in/eG3M5qW



Feb 11 2016

We did it
Okanagan Green is now available at Peters Independent Grocer Capri Mall in Kelowna BC





Feb 07 2016

We are now official suppliers for Cannabis Cupboard




Feb 06 2016

Big day for us

  1. We are now official suppliers of The Naturalist Product Line
  2. We will be partnering up with www.hempandcompany.com
    to provide a superior line of hemp clothes , body and accessories


Feb 05 2016

Join us at Women Grow Kootenay Cranbrook Event

March 3



Feb 04 2016

Now official supplier for Bio-Med Botanical Solutions

Medical Products and Edibles

contact brynn@mariceuticals.ca



Feb 03 2016

Jan 24 2016

Introducing Natures Union Hemp Topical Creams




Jan 23 2016

Attended the Curious about Marijuana and your health info sessions in Kelowna BC hosted by Elaine Neussler of Kayla’s Quest




Jan 07 2016

Today Darrin and I spoke at the Women Grow event in beautiful Nelson BC

Here is a link to a copy of my speech


Video link at end




Jan 01 2016

It has been our first year of sharing our business and our adventures. We have met so many people who we have helped, people who have taught us and witnessed all the work of those we taught.

I am so proud of everyone for this last year and wish everyone a Hempy New Year 2016



Dec 28 2015

Its Official we are now representing Bio-med Botanicals LTD for a full line of dispensary products.


Dec 27 2015

Met with Kaleigh Herald of Women Grow to discuss our presentation in Nelson on Jan 7

What a great person with wonderful visions of the future



Dec 15 2015

Our COO Brynn Jones will be speaking at the Nelson Women Grow Event on Jan 07 /16
We are proud to be part of this group



Dec 10 2015

Okanagan Green Calm25 and Hemp Seed Oil Softgel Caps are now available at

HEMP CITY    Kelowna and West Kelowna



Dec 09 2015

Met with an amazing Australian man named Tristan who has come to us to help him launch his dream and products to the world.

J/W Mariceuticals proudly announces

Natures Union Hemp Creams and Tinctures
Hand made by our own Australian Guru who brings wisdom and experience from across the globe. Tristan is a master of his trade.

Products will be in our online store, wholesale and at select locations across Canada

See Natures Union at Our Store



Dec 06 2015

www.mariceuticals.ca Launched live 1 year ago today.

It has been an amazing year of learning , teaching , discovering , marketing and conversation.

Your response and input have forged the products and services we offer today.

We now boast the development and success of Okanagan Green Hemp Products Brands,

Development of our Hemp seed oil and Hemp seed wholesale services,

Development and preparation of our Medical Marijuana Access and Development

Departments and the introduction of Calm25 and Clear55 enhanced hemp protein products.

Thank you for your support and for helping us see our dreams and ambitions come true by

helping improve the quality of life of so many.


Nov 30 2015

We have sold 1150 OKANAGAN GREEN Clear55 Capsules since the product release on the 18th

We are so proud of the response and acceptance of our newest Mariceutical product.


Nov 18 2015


Developed by our partner labs, Phyto-chemists and Biological engineers to represent the top science in Mariceuticals and other Herbs and Superfoods. As we have grown we have embraced mother nature’s natural remedies and also learned how they interact with each other.

– As an agent to assist in focus on tasks or to refocus the brain during times of fogginess or “Fuzzy Brain”
– As a study agent to build, retain and recall critical information.
– As a preventative measure to counteract neurological degeneration and its effects. To bring Clarity and focus back to everyday life.

Combined with Calm25, Clear55 is a superior product with superior science supporting it.

For every sickness or disease mother nature has the cure. She created us to learn and heal it is our responsibility not to over process into exclusive chemicals and outlandish prices.

clear55 logo

Nov 12 2015

We are proud to be represented at Lift Marijuana Forum & Meet and greet by our COO Brynn Jones and Manager Darrin Fiddler




Nov 11 2015

Lest we forget ! In honor of our fallen and injured hero’s



Nov 09 2015

They have arrived.
300,000 Okanagan Green Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil Caps

d&b caps


Nov 7 2015

Visited local dispensaries and vape shops across the valley introducing Whole Hemp Company and Mariceutical goodies. Everybody loves them keep an eye out at your favorite spot or ask for us by name.

A new adventure into the medical world.





Nov 3 2015

We are in discussion with an unnamed Medical Industries MMPR producer to form the AccessGroup of Companies.
The hemp and medical industry working together to improve quality , sustainability and lower costs to the consumer.
Hemp foods to medical products all from one trusted source.
Supplying grocery stores, health & wellness shops , compassion clubs , medical marijuana patients as well as export to USA, China and soon India.
Natural choices / Healthy Options
We welcome this potential partnership and hope to serve you as the “AccessGroup of Companies”


Nov 02 2015

We have secured our supply of THC products for compassion clubs only.

Phoenix Tears, THC, CBD, customization for your needs.

brynn@mariceuticals.ca for more info



Oct 31 2015

Hempy Halloween ! 12193719_1658750474407576_8225305444963797104_n


OCT 27 2015

We are now a Distributor for Whole Hemp Company
whole-logo5email brynn@mariceuticals.ca for more info

or browse the catalog.


 Oct 19 2015




OCT 17 2015

Introducing :

Okanagan Green: Clear55


Okanagan Green: Wake&Recover



Oct 16 2015

WE DID IT !!!!!!!!!





Oct 15 2015

Busy day of meetings. Most importantly we met with one of our local political hopefuls.

How far we have come that we can now have a civilized conversation with a government official about our industry, and your health

Regardless who you support VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!

Your votes count as your contribution to our society.



Oct 01 2015

Major announcement!!!!!!

Our CEO proudly announces plans are underway to develop Canada’s first smoke free Cannabinoid Therapy Clinic

Providing high quality Mariceuticals in a responsible non-counter culture method.

E-mail us for more info or to become a part of the Mariceuticals family


Sept 25 2015

10th Annual Okanagan Organics Fair

Hosted at Summerhill Winery in beautiful Kelowna BC

Attended by over 800 people, viewing booths from the top organic producers in the valley.

We made some great connections that will translate into new and innovative products for you!


Sept 21 2015

Skype Meeting today with a new partner laboratory.

Developing the next generation of Mariceuticals

Canadian science for a truly Canadian Medicine



Sept 19 2015

Had great meeting with the local director of a chain of compassion clubs here in BC. We shared information gathered by our scientists and experts to expand on the synergy between our two fields. Soon you will see Okanagan Green Hemp Brands in your favorite dispensary.

Hemp and cannabis nutrition, medicine, and quality of life.

Experts you can rely on.

In Hemp We Trust




 Sept 12 2015

Another visit to the great folks at Urban Harvest Kelowna

We were set up next to this great organization



We are proud to be part of such a wonderful community.



Aug 27 2015

Been a busy month!

J/W Mariceuticals Inc is market testing Clear 55 and its sister product Wake and Recover .

Exclusively blended Mariceuticals , herbs , green tea and more superfood ingredients.

Clear 55 for focus and memory retention , memory recall by increasing neuron pathway connectivity.

Help to study and retain , memory recall , and to combat “fuzzy brain” from a variety of sources.

Wake and Recover to help gather focus and fight that foggy feeling. Get up and on with your day.



Aug 04 2015

They’re here!!!!!!!!!!

We are proud to present our latest innovation!

11828627_1621340184802402_7016436067984442175_nOkanagan Green :

OG Harvest Lip Balm

Beeswax, Vit E and Pure Hemp Extract


July 29 2015

meetthemakerMAY2014_bannerWe Welcome Ra Energy to Medical Review TV



July 28 2015

capsThere coming !!!!!

We are now Canada’s Top Provider Of Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Seed Oil Capsules



July 19 2015


Our team will be there scouting for the show !!!




July 15 2015


Medical Review TV with William Shatner



July 14 2015


In negotiation with this grocery store !!!

If you want to see Okanagan Green Hemp on shelves tell your local Independent Grocer


July 13 2015

We have just sold our 36000th Okanagan Green Canadian Cold Pressed Hemp Vegetarian Capsule



July 12 2015

tyler eWe welcome Tyler Embree to the sales team! , tyler@mariceuticals.ca



July 10 2015

We are proud to announce SMOKANAGAN KELOWNA now sells Okanagan Green Hemp Products



Compassion Clubs in Kelowna Now carrying Okanagan Green Hemp Products

Ask for them by name.



July 05 2015

We will be working with a Kelowna Compassion Club to provide Okanagan Green To Everyone , Stay in touch for more info !



July 04 2015

Happy Independence Day

To our Brothers and Sisters to the south



July 01 2015


Fête du Canada


 June 30 2015

We are now ready to wholesale to stores and shops .

Okanagan Green Hemp Products begins a new venture in  mass quantity supply

Reception to every Okanagan Green product has been so overwhelming our suppliers have ramped up production of everything from Oil , to seed , to Calm25

Ask your favorite shop to carry Okanagan Green in your community

Contact Brynn@mariceuticals.ca



June 24 2015

Telephone meeting at 12:30 with producer Christian Allen of Medical Review TV with William Shatner


June 21 2015 Father’s Day

holKelowna Holistic Market

We had great time , Lots of great questions and a chance to network with other vendors , Thank you Carley


June 12 2015

J/W Mariceuticals Inc. has been selected to be the Official Content Providers for Canada to assist in a TV Documentary featuring William Shatner

The Focus will be on the science of marijuana and will feature experts from across the globe

We will be taking applications from Hemp / Cannabis Industry leaders , scientists , and other great minds.

email brynn@mariceticals.ca for more info.


June 10 2015

Just got an email from LA
TV Producer looking for our input !
Masters in our own trade !


June 09 2015

Compassion Clubs and Dispensaries all over Vancouver    and Vancouver Island are inquiring about Okanagan Green Calm25.

Bottles are flying off the shelves. Calm25 speaks for itself as a real option in today’s Pharma-saturated  culture.

Discover for yourself what Calm25 can do for you !



June 06 2015

darrin jason u harvrstLeft: Darrin Fiddler , Asst Operations Manager  , Right: Jason Weber CEO

J/W Mariceuticals Inc. & Okanagan Green Hemp Products



June 04 2015

Our First Draft of the Calm25 Label


Calm25 label alpla


May 27 2015

We have begun negotiations with our first medical marijuana clinic.
So proud to supply our magic to the world this way.



May 26 2015

We will be setting up shop at these events in June !

June 06 2015 : http://www.urbanharvest.ca/sale/

June 21 2015 (Father’s Day): http://www.holisticmarket.ca/

Come Visit Us, Meet The Team, See Our Products Displayed.



May 23 2015

Our COO Brynn Jones Helping us out at Urban Harvest Kelowna


 May 13 2015

Working with MJ Creams to develop and produce a new line of Okanagan Green Hemp Creams . OG Hemp Cream

J/W Mariceuticals Inc.'s photo.


May 11 2015

Introducing OG Harvest Balm Products




May 10 2015

Happy Mothers Day ! Don’t Forget Mother Nature !



May 07 2015

Happy Birthday J/W Mariceuticals Inc.

It has been a year of growing , learning and teaching .
We look forward to serving you for another year !!!


May 01 2015

Getting Ready for our first community market tomorrow morning 9-1 !

So excited to show people Okanagan Green and hear the thoughts and opinions.

806 Crowley Ave. Kelowna BC



April 22 2015

Happy Earth Day


 April 21 2015

Okanagan Green Hemp Seed Oil is being used to develop a tasty gluten free snack .


April 20 2015

Happy 420!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



April 19 2015


Starting date May 02 2015

806 Crowley Ave

Kelowna BC




April 13 2015

Meeting with one of our perspective hemp suppliers . New products and improved quality is always my goal !


April 06 2014


Starting date to be announced !




April 04 2015

Happy Easter Weekend ! We hope the bunny brings you all good treats !



April 03 2015


Okanagan Green World Introduction Sale 5% off all Okanagan Green Hemp Products !

Promo code : d4nty8f4  Valid to May 3 2015


March 30 2015

J/W Mariceuticals welcomes Pulse Group Media to the team . This group of experts will direct our online marketing campaign , introducing us to the world !




March 25 2015

Online Advertising Starts Monday !



March 23 2015

Looking for the hemp facts ?




March 21 2015

Spring in the Okanagan Valley , inspiring beauty as life begins it’s cycle for another year .

Mother Nature will fill the world with all the amazing miracles she has to offer .

We hope to provide a few select of her secrets to you for another year .

Happy Spring !



March 17 2015

Hemp smoothies anyone?

In talks with a new supplier !



March 05 2015

Coming soon . Quality teas from www.mariceuticals.ca

Link Here to A Picture of the Teas



Feb 27 2015

Our team attended medical marijuana talks at UBCO Okanagan

A speaker from John Hopkins Center spoke to a crowd of eager minds .

We are proud to have been invited .

Our team is committed to full understanding of hemp and its cousin’s qualities ,

abilities and medical benefits



Feb 26 2015

Added some of our favorite hemp recipes to the site .




Feb 21 2015

Free Local Pick up in Greater Kelowna Area


Go see the greatest vegan food in town !



Feb 18 2015

Meetings with Canadian hemp distributors representing Saskatchewan farmers .

New strains means more variety .

JWMI supporting Canadian Farmers .



Feb 16 2015

We have started to work with local food industry venues . We are excited to share our products.



Feb 14 2015

Happy St Valentine’s Day



Feb 09 2014

Happy Family Day BC



Jan 29 2014

Meeting with Pulse Group Media was awesome. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with . Hello world get ready for us !



Jan 26 2015

New labels featuring our new Okanagan Green logo at printers !!



Jan 20 2015

Set Meeting with our first advertising firm . We are excited to hear their thoughts !



Jan 19 2015

Working on variable shipping rates with Canada Post


 Jan 14 2015

Okanagan Green Hemp Brands presents :

Calm25  .

Special hemp protein formula for relief of discomfort associated with swelling , constant pain  & helpful for relieving stress.


Jan 08 2015

Our lab guys have confirmed two new great products on the way .

Check out the store page.


Jan 07 2015

Okanagan Green Hemp Oil & Seed has arrived we label and start to ship this week !



Jan 06 2015

Added Recipes and News/Blog Pages !

I bet I can tickle your mind and make your mouth water .



Jan 05 2015

Exciting things are afoot for 2015 , New partnerships will provide new products , new options for farmers and food industry to use hemp. We have plans to attend several agricultural and food fairs .


Okanagan Green Hemp Products is proud to announce the introduction of our Organic Hemp Oil in 1L bottle and 1lb bags of Natural and organic seed.



Jan 04 2015

Our Facebook Store is now up! Check it out !



Jan 01 2015

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!