Hemp Oil & Arthritis – Reducing NSAID Side-Effects & Increasing Pain-Free Mobility

December 8, 2011
The well-known symptoms of arthritis include chronic pain, bone deterioration and stiffness of the joints.  This causes restricted mobility and arthritis can be a very distressing condition to have to deal with. There are many causes of rheumatoid arthritis and osteo-arthritis, which can affect people of any age, but these conditions are more prevalent in sportsmen/women and the elderly because of wear and tear on the joints.

Improve your symptoms

Whatever the cause may be, the natural joint lubricant called synovial fluid is absent leaving no natural lubrication to cushion the action of bone grating on bone.  Only a medical specialist can properly diagnose joint problems and prescribe the best course of treatment and there is no substitute for that.  However, after asking the opinion of your doctor, you may find that taking hemp oil as a dietary supplement can greatly improve the symptoms caused by inflammatory disease.

Hemp oil protects

The main medical treatment for arthritic conditions is pain management from anti-inflammatory, pain reducing medicines call non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs – NSAID’s.  Unfortunately, NSAID’s can cause unpleasant side effects in the gastro-intestinal system.  This means sufferers are further plagued by abdominal pain and stomach upsets which can develop into painful peptic ulcers in the stomach and duodenum.

People with a peptic ulcer do not have any warning signs or symptoms and will be unaware of the problem, until they develop complications like internal bleeding and perforation of the walls of the stomach.  For this reason, many arthritis sufferers take hemp oil as a preventative measure because it has been medically recognised as a powerful anti-inflammatory medicine that both protects and aids the healing of an irritated gastro-intestinal system.

Hemp oil heals

Further studies have also shown that peptic ulcers are a completely reversible condition and that the poly-unsaturated fats and the 8 essential fatty acids contained in hemp oil are very effective in speeding up the healing process. Merely by including hemp oil in your daily diet, you can reduce the distressing pain and inflammation that NSAID’s often cause in the throat, stomach and small intestine and heal the ulcers.

Omega 9

Hemp seed oil contains the full package of Omega 6 and Omega 3 oils in the best ratio of 3:1 for the body to absorb.  In addition, it contains high quantities of Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which are both powerful anti-oxidants and essential for strengthening the immune system.  But best of all, hemp oil is packed with Omega 9 – a mono-unsaturated fat that significantly reduces joint pain and the inflammation that restricts mobility

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