Dr. O’Shaughnessy: Cannabis Was Medicine Before Prohibition, 1838

1838, introduced cannabis to Western medicine.

1838, introduced cannabis to Western medicine.

O’Shaughnessy concludes that these clinical studies have “led me to the belief that in Hemp the profession has gained an anti-convulsive remedy of the greatest value.” 

How many of today’s medical marijuana patients know that Dr. William Brooke O’Shaughnessy was responsible for the introduction of cannabis to modern Western medicine – in 1838?

Some may…all should.

While the cannabis/hemp plant was occasionally referenced by turn-of-the-century botanists and other world travelers – describing their newest discoveries. Next to nothing was understood about the potential benefits of cannabis therapy in England or Europe until Dr. O’Shaughnessy gave a lecture at the Medical and Physical Society of Calcutta, to a group of students and scholars in 1839. The 40-page dissertation displayed his new and systematical approach to modern pharmaceutical research.

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AUTHOR - Darrin Fiddler

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