Delta9 Gardening – Mariceuticals

A division of Mariceuticals Hemp & Cannabis Corp. ®

Delta-9 Gardening was established on 1 May 2013, and Incorporated (D9GI) in British Columbia
on 27 August 2014 and joined the Mariceuticals family in May 2019.

We are a Company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based and natural health
products therapies, through an extensive Research and Development program, into innovative
and potentially patentable, delivery systems. A range of effective high quality science-based
dosage forms backed by comprehensive analytical testing, are the fundamental drivers of the
Company. Merged with Mariceuticals Inc January 2018 to create
Mariceuticals-Delta9 Gardening Inc.

 Founder Rodney Potapoff

VP of Delta9 Division and R&D for Mariceuticals Corp ;
supervision of macro-strategy within the company. Experienced entrepreneur
combining vast knowledge in organic horticultural techniques; maintenance of
equipment; human resources recruitment.

Simon Wallis B Sc. Pharmacy – Quality Assurance Person: Experienced in product
research and development, formulation science, routine manufacturing and analysis,
Good Manufacturing Practice compliance, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, product
registration (pharmaceutical and natural health products/dietary supplements
industries in Canada, UK, and USA)

Responsible Person in Charge: Marie Fraser (British Columbia, Canada): Past clinical
technologist with BC Interior Health (Canada), experienced in operation of analytical



*Pain relief: Palliative Oncology Care; Neuropathic; Muscular; Joint.
* Cancers (various, e.g. breast, lung, gastrointestinal)
*Inflammatory conditions – internal (e.g. gastrointestinal- Colitis, Crohn’s Disease,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome ) and external (e.g. skin)
* Epileptic conditions (Dravet’s Syndrome, Lennox-Gestaut Syndrome)
* General sedation: PTSD; Insomnia; Anxiety; Depression.
* Cachexia: loss of body mass, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness, significant loss of
appetite. Common condition in cancer patients (approximately 50%, rising to
approximately 80% in terminal cancer cases)
*Allergic conditions / Arthritic conditions (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis)
* Immune system stimulation/support (in immuno-compromised conditions, e.g. AIDS
* Multiple Sclerosis (MS) / Fibromyalgia / Alzheimer’s Disease / Attention Deficit Disorder
* Veterinary (Horses, Cats, Dogs).

D9G Inc: Global Perspective towards Strategic Partnering

* Delta 9 Gardening Inc., team realizes that the key to a quick and successful market
penetration into each of the countries regulating cannabis markets is by partnering with
local distributors that are intimately familiar with their home markets and can drive
forward the penetration process quickly and efficiently.
* The relative simplicity and ease of manufacture that are enabled by the proprietary
technology developed by D9G Inc., allows a quick and easy setup of each local
manufacturing facility in any country around the world. Apart from this, our company
has created its particular Branding & Marketing strategy to support local partners in the
process of establishment of the company.
* Delta 9 Gardening Inc. represents a unique and rare opportunity for large scale market
penetration in the rapidly growing medical cannabis pharmaceutical market. The huge
unmet need and the opportunity for a large scale market penetration will allow an
extremely steep value creation curve.
* D9G is currently seeking collaborations and partnerships with like-minded people and
organizations to further strengthen our market position. In addition to the goal of
attaining LP status, D9G Inc. will actively explore the collaborative development of
suitable products for legitimate medical usage and can offer considerable experience in
this area.