From Nightmare to Dream

We grew up being told cannabis was a hard drug , akin to cocaine or heroin. We accepted the blind truth in order to protect our children, our society. It became acceptable to be shunned or punished by our elected governments. Anyone who stood up and spoke anything but the accepted truth was quickly discredited, the scientific data showing our mistakes was ignored. Our trust, our safety, our lives were given to global corporations who feed off profit.

Lies, profit, collusion and fear feed the companies treating our illnesses, but rarely curing them. Our healing centers now host medicine-resistant germs and bacteria.

For years those who truly believe in the healing qualities of both the mind and body were silenced, but providing assistance in more subtle ways. Compassion Clubs, Health Care Workers, Children of Sick and Dying Parents, even some governments and law organizations have all refused to enforce these laws.

We are now opening our eyes to a real and tangible option for treating our illnesses. Now scientists are testing it , doctors are prescribing it, and children are living seizure free lives. Cancer patents can eat and sleep, and with less pain-killer use, countless lives are saved.

I am proud to be a part of the solution, and I salute everyone helping a loved one or patient, and the doctors risking everything to do what they think is right, and to the hero’s being punished for “Crimes” that our grandchildren will never understand.

Remove the element of harm, regulate and tax it. Create a tax base to build schools and drug treatment centers to cure the addicted. Allow developing countries to create profit off of its legal trade.

What was once a nightmare is now a Dream, Smoking ships on the horizon of change.

B Jones

AUTHOR - Brynn Jones

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