JWMI News and Highlights

March 17 2015

Hemp smoothies anyone?

In talks with a new supplier !



March 05 2015

Coming soon . Quality teas from

Link Here to A Picture of the Teas



Feb 27 2015

Our team attended medical marijuana talks at UBCO Okanagan

A speaker from John Hopkins Center spoke to a crowd of eager minds .

We are proud to have been invited .

Our team is committed to full understanding of hemp and its cousin’s qualities ,

abilities and medical benefits



Feb 26 2015

Added some of our favorite hemp recipes to the site .



Feb 21 2015

Free Local Pick up in Greater Kelowna Area

Go see the greatest vegan food in town !



Feb 18 2015

Meetings with Canadian hemp distributors representing Saskatchewan farmers .

New strains means more variety .

JWMI supporting Canadian Farmers .



Feb 16 2015

We have started to work with local food industry venues . We are excited to share our products.



Feb 14 2015

Happy St Valentine’s Day



Feb 09 2014

Happy Family Day BC



Jan 29 2014

Meeting with Pulse Group Media was awesome. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with . Hello world get ready for us !



Jan 26 2015

New labels featuring our new Okanagan Green logo at printers !!



Jan 20 2015

Set Meeting with our first advertising firm . We are excited to hear their thoughts !



Jan 19 2015

Working on variable shipping rates with Canada Post


 Jan 14 2015

Okanagan Green Hemp Brands presents :

Calm25  .

Special hemp protein formula for relief of discomfort associated with swelling , constant pain  & helpful for relieving stress.


Jan 08 2015

Our lab guys have confirmed two new great products on the way .

Check out the store page.


Jan 07 2015

Okanagan Green Hemp Oil & Seed has arrived we label and start to ship this week !



Jan 06 2015

Added Recipes and News/Blog Pages !

I bet I can tickle your mind and make your mouth water .



Jan 05 2015

Exciting things are afoot for 2015 , New partnerships will provide new products , new options for farmers and food industry to use hemp. We have plans to attend several agricultural and food fairs .


Okanagan Green Hemp Products is proud to announce the introduction of our Organic Hemp Oil in 1L bottle and 1lb bags of Natural and organic seed.



Jan 04 2015

Our Facebook Store is now up! Check it out !



Jan 01 2015

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!